It's Your Destiny

This is Jade, but this post isn't about her. It’s about the two girls that you don't see on our Instagram feed who train right alongside of her in my backyard…day after day…week after week…month after month…chasing a dream that they want more than you want your next breath. And I’m here to tell you that it isn’t all fun and games, unless your version of fun is doing squat jumps until you’re on the verge of fertilizing my cactus garden with your last meal.

So now you’re probably wondering where these girls are and why their hard work and athletic exploits aren’t equitably featured here. Well, there’s a very good reason for that: they are both Division I committed athletes and the NCAA precludes us from sharing pictures of them.

Please don’t misinterpret the intent of this post. Neither VOLLEYSTRENGTH nor I played a role in making these two incredible kids college-ready athletes. They were both special long before we crossed paths. They do more for me than I’ll ever do for them and it is my great privilege to spend time with them, along with Jade.

The intent of this post is to, simply, drive home the message to all of the young players out there that you’re in control of your destiny; for better or for worse. What are YOU going to choose?