It’s launch day and the rest of the staff and I are beyond excited about going live this morning. The amount of work that goes into creating something like this is almost impossible to explain but I assure you, the four of us have poured our hearts and souls into this project.

VOLLEYSTRENGTH.com was the brainchild of one of our owners, Jason Wiseman. Jason has a 15 year-old daughter, Jade, who plays at our local club, 805 Elite. Jade is one of the hardest working kids in the club and much of that has to do with Jason’s willingness to spend time with her on her strength and conditioning. Last year, Jason found himself searching the internet looking for tips and ideas on how to help Jade become the best volleyball player possible. There was one problem though… he could find very little information with credibility and systematic programming. So he did his best and created a backyard program for Jade and many of her high school and club teammates. The girls showed up and the girls got better. Even though Jason was creating a culture of growth, he knew there was a need for a place where athletes and parents could find a program that was thorough, detailed, safe and affordable; and that could guarantee results for any aspiring volleyballer. With one group text message to Cal Poly assistant coach / 805 Elite club director Caroline Walters, Jade’s high school head coach Jessie Holder and to myself, Cal Poly Head Strength & Conditioning Coach Chris Holder, VOLLEYSTRENGTH was born.

Our mission was to build a highly interactive yet easy-to-use platform for a player with little to no strength training experience to get strong. We wanted it to be approachable, instructive, intuitive and easy-to-use. We wanted a program that could be effective and require very little equipment. We wanted to build a method of getting strong that could be mapped out in a very digestible way and would take someone who’d never touched a weight and turn them into a bullet proof super-athlete. We knew that asking a kid to drive or get a ride to and from a gym everyday was not always possible. So we worked and worked and worked until we were able to develop a highly streamlined program that could be pulled off in any backyard, garage or bedroom in America. And for those who do make it to the gym, we guarantee our program will yield results consistent with those attained by the players that I've helped reach the professional level. You'll jump higher, hit harder and move better. Period.

As your head coach, I truly believe that if you dedicate yourself to this program, you can take your game as far as your can imagination can take you. If you are a high school kid, a middle schooler or even a grade schooler, our methods will help you build such an amazing foundation that you will have the upper hand, physically, in any gym you walk into. 

I work my 9-5 at Cal Poly, a Division I school on the coast of California. I’m the strength and conditioning coach for the Mustangs 22 athletic  teams and I see great athletes come and go every year. We send out volleyball athletes into the pros and to play internationally all the time. I work with guys who are going to make millions of dollars in the NFL, MLB, MLS and NBA. I’ve got countless women who have come through our program who play professional soccer overseas. The one thing they have in common (besides they bleed the green and gold) is that each one of them made getting strong and fit priority number one. For those of you who dream about playing for a big Division I school, one of the first people you are going to meet when you step on campus your first day is your strength coach. And before you take your first class, you will be sweating and grinding with that person in the weight room.

This program that you are about to begin was designed to get you to the point where you will be on par with all of the people I mentioned above. For those of you who dedicate yourselves to the entire journey and make it to our Kettlebell Level II program, you will be performing the same exercises, using the same weights and nearly the exact same programming as the folks I mentioned above. 

I personally want to congratulate you for taking this step. You are about to embark on amazing journey that is completely in your hands. For those of you who truly want to be great, this program will open that door for you!


All the best,

Coach Holder